How to Engage with Customers on Social Media

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Below are tips on how to engage with customers on social media in a effective manner.
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  1. Content with a Value

We are aware that “Quality is a King”.

Definite relevancy with targeted viewers interests will provide a value to it.

Sharing Tips, Informations, Tutorials etc relevant to your niche and audiences requirements will create a beneficial overview for your platform.

People will genuinely try to establish a consistent connection with your updates, credited to your helpful inputs.

In turn, your projected message and expertise will achieve exposure through an appreciation by people.

Further sharing of your matter or advise will likely to happen.

  1. Incorporate Appreciation

When you recognize your most active members, generally by sharing inspiring stories specific to their achievements, an infuse of enthusiasm will be generated.

More general content along with integrated topics about your audience in tandem will increase overall audience engagement.

Human touch associated with your announcements brings authenticity to your brand.

Highlighting and featuring your most active community members will reflect the caring attitude towards them.

  1. Be Authentic

Your customers are intelligent, consider this accurately and carefully.

A word creation, directly making a forcible connect with targeted audiences, when mentioned with only a sales motive pitch, will act negatively.

Try not to ignore,  a concrete, engaging and descriptive source of information in a creative mode for your viewers.

Socializing by interacting with their queries and feedbacks or even ideas about your niche relevancy will increase your engagement.

Be a professional social media marketer, work hard to sort out the best content with accuracy for everything that is required, by putting your audiences at the front.

  1. Specify your Mission

A Company or a Brand mission is a priority to be presented every time, whenever promoting your content on social media.

Your targeted customers must be clear about your moves.

A mission statement should be segmented and categorized in a unique way.

Reflection of your social media post motives must synchronize with your mission for promotion.

A specific time table with established, highlighted, creative core relevancy, about your post will engage audiences.

  1. Specific to Social Types

Potential New Customers, either fresh or referred by your consistent audiences (by sharing links) will be available more often on Social Media Platforms.

Depending upon your content type or theme, their probable targeted selection moves on.

Businesses must be carrying an up-to-date and informative social profile.

Easy accessibility (preferably free) with an engaging, relevant and creative content posts will have more attraction.


-Facebook for creating fan community,

-Establishing Brand recognition through Instagram.

-Linkedin for Customer Network creations.

  1. Be Responsive

Interaction with your customers is a high point, when they have queries in concern to your product or service.

An instant reply to them will act as an add on, do not make them on wait, they could move away from you, to any of your competitor in the same segment.

Concentrate on this purpose by hiring any PR Agency or digital marketing firm, when you have thousands of followers.

Ignoring even a single query or concern from audiences may hamper your motives.

Be sure about the type of query asked, it must be relevant to your offerings/products/services.

Customers will always expect a quick revert, so keep yourself updated with active notifications as per chosen social media platform.

  1. Infuse Interactive elements

The inclusion of Polls, Quizzes, votes in extreme relevancy to your brand or product, with an innovative and interactive approach with content/words will provide more exposure.

Your Social Media strategy should have a responsive attitude to every comment you get.

Mentioning even just a quick “thank you.” will encourage viewers recognition on the platform.

When audiences will realize that their voice is being heard, they will eventually try to actually participate with brands activities, even in the future.

It’s important for leveraging brand loyalty and reach within social media followers.

  1. Apart from Regular content

“People buy emotionally and rationalize with logic.” It’s a popular saying.

There will always be a preference for whom, you like and trust the most, irrespective of competitors strong presence in concern to product/service offerings.

Establish an emotional connection with your viewers by sharing emotionally-captivating stories, images, and inspirational/motivational anecdotes.

More impact can be experienced when they are relating to the challenges your clients are facing in their lives at present.

  1. Resolve issues

Posted content must have an input that solves your audience’s problems quite instantly.

Directly engage yourself with them via comments and direct messages.

This ensures a relativity, care, and a community builds up, in turn providing value to people.

Brand loyalty requires attention and consideration at the same time.

Consider a symbiotic entitlement for your activity, where a

-careful, attentive and sincere engagement with your audiences community concerns.

– Paying equal attention to you, your brand, and your business from their end.

  1. Retargeting

Every visitor to your website cannot be a customer ( when conversion is concerned).

Retargeting those visitors with a motive of their conversions as customers can be achieved.

Like, Facebook Retargeting pixels.

By Mahshid Javaheri

Mahshid Javaheri

After working as a solicitor for 3 years, Mahshid joined as an Editor and contributor of legal content. Mahshid is passionate about connecting practicing lawyer with the wider business community; she helps lawyers create and distribute insightful and actionable legal content that delivers value to businesses, whilst showcasing the lawyers’ expertise.

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