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Managing Social Media Use in the Workplace

The businesses’ use of social media has increased significantly in recent times. The use of social media can be a great asset for businesses, if used in the right way. Social media can be act as a great tool for businesses to market its products and services, extend its loyal brand followers and ultimately acquire new customers.

Outsourcing agreement

What is an outsourcing agreement?

‘Outsourcing’ is a term that is loosely connected with a wide range of business or commercial relationships. However, outsourcing most commonly refers to the process of sub-contracting the performance of a service or function to third parties instead of performing them in-house. The underlying rational for outsourcing services is that experts – often in jurisdictions with a significantly lower salary rates compared to those in which the outsourcing company operates – can provide a higher standard of service at a much lower rate than would have been possible if that service were to be provided internally.

Business aim

How to build a successful startup

Almost everyone asks the question of how to build a successful startup. There is no magical formula or a secret to a successful startup. You have to be passionate, committed and willing to work very hard before you see any viable result.

How to minimise stress in the workplace- a guide for employers

How to minimise stress in the workplace- a guide for employers

As an employer, you have a responsibility to look after your staff’s wellbeing. It is in your best interest to ensure that your employees are happy and healthy as your organisation’s success depends on it. When employees are happier and healthier, they are likely to work harder, achieve better outcomes, and contribute to a more pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

Tax Optimization Strategies in Business

Tax Optimization Strategies in Business

Managing expenses is an important part of running a limited company. Ensuring that you claim for all your business expenses will increase your tax efficiency and is the first place to start when looking at reducing your corporate and personal tax bill.

First Employee Hire

How to hire your first employee.

With a growing start-up company, it is an exciting turning point for many when we realise we have enough workload and income to take on our first employee. But, there are a number of factors to consider before taking the plunge on your first hire.

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