Enhanced Weekend Premium Service

Our purpose, at Legafit, is to support the change makers: individuals and businesses that aim to build a better future, one step at a time. The change makers don’t do work; they pursue a calling. Their engagement in pursuit of building a better future does not respect the boundaries of traditional business hours.

Our Enhanced Weekend Premium Service is designed to help you solve your immigration challenges in a seamless manner so that you can redouble your focus on your efforts to reframe the future through your work. Our lawyers will take every step to ensure that you receive a seamless immigration service to avoid disruption to your other commitments.

How Our Enhanced Weekend Premium Service Work?

We have assigned a select group of lawyers to or Enhanced Weekend Premium Service programme who can provide you with sophisticated guidance, strategic advice and highly personal interactions outside of traditional business hours to help you meet your mobility objectives without being encumbered by the formalities of the process. Our Enhanced Weekend Premium Service lawyers can speak to you, meet you in person and progress your work outside of traditional business hours and at short notice.

From relocation of business executives to high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, athletes – and their respective families – temporarily or permanently relocating to the UK, our lawyers provide an exceptionally seamless, personal, and holistic service. Understanding the time-sensitive and potentially stressful nature of the process, our Enhanced Weekend Premium Service program has been designed to enable instant progression of your immigration matters to minimise adverse impact on your mobility and your business endeavours.

If you wish to engage our Enhanced Weekend Premium Service please complete the form below and one of our designated lawyers will be in touch with you promptly.

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