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Questions to Ask Lawyers Before Hiring One

Hiring a lawyer that meets your needs is a tough task, but it is made easy if you ask the right questions when you meet them and clear away the potential cloud of confusion. There are three basic categories around which to formulate your questions. These are the lawyer’s experience, the lawyer’s fees, and their work process. Here is a breakdown of the most important questions to ask before hiring one.

What Is Your Experience?

Asking about the experience of the lawyer will put you in a better position of filtering them on the basis of whether they have the expertise to take on your case or no. Ask them:

1. Have you had experience dealing with a case similar to that of mine?

It is imperative that the lawyer has had at least some experience dealing with a case that matches yours. Otherwise, they will not be qualified to deal with your problems effectively.

2. How long have you been practicing as a lawyer?

The more years of practice a business lawyer has under their belt, the more proof you have of their competency.  

What Is Your Fees?

Understanding the fee structure of your potential business lawyer will avoid any misunderstanding in the future. Ask your business lawyer:

1. How do you charge?

Some lawyers charge by the hour, some by a fixed amount or any other method.

2. How should I pay the bill?

Ask them if they need payment in cash, cheques, or wire transfers.

3. When should I pay the bill?

Ask them if you can pay in installments and when you need to make the payment.

What Is Your Work Process?

Knowing about their work process will help you glean vital information about how they will deal with you.

1. Who will I be dealing with?

Make sure that you will be dealing directly with the lawyer you are interviewing, not their assistant.

2. What happens if I don’t win?

Some lawyers have a “no win-no payment” policy. Ask you potential lawyer if they do, and if not, what happens if they lose your case.

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