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Non-UK nationals can join their partner in the UK with the Spouse Visa UK, this visa also known as a UK Marriage Visa. Your spouse must be a British citizen or a UK resident. We are the Leaders in resolving complex UK immigration And nationality law matters.

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What Is The Spouse Visa UK ?

A Spouse Visa UK, also known as a Partner Visa UK, is a settlement visa that permits you to live in the UK with your British partner for up to 30 months. It is one of the visas which comes under the terms of Appendix FM: Family Members. It can be prolonged for another 30 months if you fulfill the requirements. Obtaining a Spouse Visa UK is the first step toward getting Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and, eventually, BRITISH CITIZENSHIP. 

To apply for a UK Spouse Visa , you must be married to or in a civil union with a UK national citizen, a UK-settled person, or a UK refugee. The substantive requirements for a Spouse Visa UK are set out in Appendix FM, while the evidential requirements of a UK Spouse Visa are set out in Appendix FM-SE. The main eligibility criteria include demonstrating that you are in a genuine relationship and meet specific financial requirements. 

We want to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your immigration case. Contact our immigration attorneys for professional advice on your UK Spouse Visa case and to learn how to enter the UK and obtain leave to remain with your partner if they are UK citizens. We have worked with many people from around the world who have been denied entry into the UK due to mistakes made by immigration officials during their initial application or at the interview stage. 

Be aware that this Visa is not the same as the PROPOSED CIVIL PARTNER VISA. 
which permits you to come to the United Kingdom to marry or enter into a civil partnership, irrespective of whether or not your companion is a citizen of the UK. 

What Are UK Spouse Visa Requirements ?

To successfully apply for a UK Spouse Visa, you must demonstrate to the UK Visas and Immigration that you meet:
  • The suitability criteria outlined in Appendix FM annexed to the Immigration Rules;
  • The Financial Requirements of an application for UK Spouse Visa, whereby you must have a gross annual earnings of at least £18,600 or savings of at least £62,500 if the applicant or the sponsor are unable to show income from employment or self-employment;

1.What Are The UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements ?

In order to succeed in your application for a UK Spouse Visa, you will need to prove that you will be adequately maintained in the UK, if granted a UK Civil Partner Visa, without recourse to public funds. 

To meet the UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements, you will need to demonstrate that your British or settled partner (or if you’re living in the UK with a valid visa.  

2.How Do I Meet The Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements ?

The Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements application can be met through one of the following sources: 

Income generated from salaried or non-salaried income of the British or settled partner (or your own or joint salaried or non-salaried income where you are in the UK with a valid visa);  

3.What is the Spouse Visa English Language Test?

In order to qualify for your Spouse Visa, you must be able to satisfy the UK Visas and Immigration that you speak and understand English at a required level depending on whether it is your first spouse visa application or an application for an extension of your spouse visa. 

To meet the  English Language Spouse Visa UK Requirements, you must demonstrate that you are:

What Is UK Spouse Visa Validity Period?

If you are successful in obtaining a UK Spouse Visa from outside the UK, you will be granted a Spouse Visa with a validity period of 33 months. If you apply for a UK Spouse Visa from within the UK, you will be granted leave to remain as a Spouse for 30 months. 

4.What are the UK Spouse Visa Adequate Accommodation?

To succeed in an application for UK Spouse Visa, you must show evidence that you will have access to adequate accommodation in the UK without recourse to public to funds. The UK Visas and Immigration will not deem your proposed accommodation in the UK adequate

5.How our lawyers can help you with your UK Spouse Visa Application.

Our lawyers are specialists in UK immigration law with almost a decade of experience. We have assisted hundreds of UK Spouse Visa applicants to prepare and submit successful UK Spouse Visa applications.
UK Visas and Immigration do not provide specific UK Spouse Visa Processing Time for reaching decisions on Spouse Visa Applications. However, it has historically announced that it aims to reach a decision on spouse visa applications submitted via the standard service within 6 months of the date of submission of the application. Although in some cases, decisions can be made within 2 – 3 months of the date of submission of a UK Spouse Visa

Are you unable to satisfy the requirements of a Spouse Visa application?

If you are unable to satisfy all of the requirements of a UK Spouse Visa application and you are also unable to meet the requirements of an application under any other immigration categories, you may still be able to join or remain with your British or settled partner in the UK on compassionate and human rights grounds.

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