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7 Cyber Security Tools and Tips That Entrepreneurs Should Know About

If you’re an entrepreneur, cyber security should be one of your primary concerns. Why? Well, it is because businesses nowadays, operate more in the cyber realm than in the real world. Cyber security is needed, therefore, to ensure that your business is safe from the intentions of your competitors and hackers alike. Here are some tips as to how an entrepreneur might make ends meet:

Antivirus Software

We all know what viruses can do to a computer system, right? This is the reason why it is a matter of utmost importance for businesses to invest in antivirus software for the protection of their devices. You’ll hear a lot of people saying that there’s no guarantee of protection, even with antivirus software. That’s true, no doubt: antivirus software don’t provide guaranteed protection against hackers, for example. However, they can achieve a lot for you, if you think about it, including the scanning of email attachments and protecting your devices from malware.

Password Tools

We all know how important our passwords are for our cyber security. Cyber security experts advise people to choose passwords that are “strong” in nature, as they present the biggest challenge to hackers. However, this is not the case on most occasions. Business owners — the newer ones especially — choose vulnerable passwords and do not change them regularly, owing to the hassle involved. This is the reason why businesses should invest in password management tools, so that their password security may be maximized conveniently.

A Firewall

Businesses often underestimate the utility that a good firewall can provide to their business. A firewall can do wonders for your cyber security, owing to how it can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. A strong firewall might even block certain sources and websites altogether, if it senses a security threat. It is better to be safe than sorry, no? A firewall does not grant total protection, but it’s something your business would not wish to be without!

A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you’re a thriving business, there’s a fair chance of your jealous competitors spying on you. Well, this is the main reason why cyber security experts advice entrepreneurs to invest in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A Virtual Private Network functions by encrypting all of your network traffic so that you don’t have to worry about outsiders spying on your activity and work. “But who’d spy on my business?” you ask. Well, as soon as you start climbing up on the ladder of success, competitors will swarm together to know the secret to success in no time at all. Investing in a VPN will, thus, save your devices from network vulnerabilities.

Wireless Security

Most offices nowadays have Wi-Fi service. Well, what most businesses tend to forget is that the signals from Wi-Fi can go much further than the walls of your office building. What this means is that a hacker, with a good antenna, can connect to the signal of your Wi-Fi from far away. Once connected, the hacker is free to snoop around the network and check out files that might contain sensitive information. This is the reason why a business’ Wi-Fi password should be VERY strong and be using the WPA2 protocols.

Email Security

Almost all businesses share sensitive information through email. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance for entrepreneurs to protect their email accounts, at least. Once a hacker has access to your email account, we all know how easy it is then for hackers to gain access to other accounts using the “forgot password” feature, right? One way to do this is to NEVER access links through any email attachments, as they might be phishing sites. It’s advisable to always write the website in the address bar yourself.

Better Hardware

Who doesn’t wish to save money? When it comes to your business hardware, it is recommended for you to never go for the cheaper option. The older hardware might save you a few pennies, no doubt, but the fact of the matter is that it might result into holes in your cyber security. Why? Well, it is because the older hardware cannot support the latest technological advancements in software. This results into a scenario where you’re stuck with older hardware and outdated software security means.

Considering the importance of cyber security in the digital age of today, it’s a surprise that more businesses are not investing into it. It’s certainly the NEED of every business and entrepreneur!

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