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UK Spouse Visa Processing Time 2022


So, submitted your UK spouse visa application and now wondering how long does it take for a UK spouse visa to be approved in 2022? Well, this is a natural human instinct to wish your application could get approved as soon as possible. However, reality may not always be as “sweet” as you might expect it to be. There are several factors such as the type of country or Embassy where the application is made and the applicant’s own individual circumstances and eligibility which may affect the UK spouse visa processing time.

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How Soon I’ll Receive a Response on the Spouse Visa UK Application?

The length of time your application takes depends on many different factors, including:

  • Whether you are applying from inside or outside the UK;
  • Whether this is your first application or an application for an extension of an existing visa;
  • Whether there are complexities attached to your application such as not meeting all the requirements or not having the necessary supporting documents;
  • Whether you have received any civil or criminal penalties in the years leading to your application;
  • Whether you are currently the subject of a police investigation;

Applications from outside the UK

Usually, after submitting the biometrics and fulfilling the essential spouse visa requirements at the visa application centre for the spouse’s visa, you will receive a response in around three months. It’s important to mention that this estimated processing time is only for standard applications (not for premium ones).
It is important to mention that when applying from outside the UK, the application processing times can vary from country to country, but usually, the Home Office will attempt to decide on applications from outside the UK (through standard service) within 3 months.

Applications from inside the UK

Note that the processing time for those who have applied from within the UK may be longer, too (around 6 months from the date of application) for uncomplicated cases. The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) states that it attempts to decide on applications (made from inside the UK) within 6 months of the application being made. This means that in straightforward cases decisions can be made within a few weeks of the application being made whilst in complex cases, it may take the whole 6 months.
The UKVI does not usually provide updates on applications under consideration. However, where a decision has not been made within 6 months of submitting an application, it may be worth contacting the Home Office in writing to request an update on the application.

Is There Any Way to Fast-Track Spouse Visa UK Processing Time?

Luckily, you can take advantage of priority for super-priority service to fast-track spouse visa UK Processing Time. By availing of these premium services, you can easily get your application prioritised by the Home office. You will have to pay extra fees to avail of these priority services.

There are certain differences between the priority and the super-priority service. Let’s discuss them.

  • Priority Service

If you opt for priority service, then the processing time for the visa application will be only 5 working days (Monday to Friday count as working days, excluding legal holidays). While filling out the application via priority service, the candidate must ensure that the application is filled out accurately, and they must submit supporting documents adequately and fulfil all spouse visa UK financial requirements too. For cases where the application is complicated, you may have to wait for more than the expected duration.

  • Super-Priority Service 

Super-priority service can get your visa application approved most quickly; processing time is just within 24 hours. In simple words, you will be able to collect your visa the next working day, especially for uncomplicated cases. On the other hand, complicated cases involve admin checks as well as verifications. 

How Can I Track the Status of Spouse’s Applications?

There are ways with the help of which you can track the Status of the Spouse’s Application. You can get help by email or phone by contacting UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to get info about the status of your application. For this, you should know candidates from various countries’ assigned customer care phone contacts and email addresses.

Bear in mind that you can’t contact UKVI via phone call or email for free of cost. You will have to pay £1.37 per minute for a phone query plus your usual network costs. For email queries to the Immigration department, the estimated price is between £2.74 and £5.48 (it changes from country to country where the application is submitted). The applicant must mention the GWF number to ensure that the immigration department identifies the application conveniently and performs a background check for further process. After this, a caseworker will provide an update on your spouse’s visa application.

Can My Processing Time Go Beyond the Average Time?

We all know how the recent pandemic caused disruptions to travel and courier routes. Undoubtedly, the covid pandemic has also had a great impact on the normal working of UKVI. That is why it is unsurprising that the processing time may go Beyond the Average Time. You’ll still experience application processing delays despite using priority or super-priority service. Most of the time, the Home Office updates regarding possible delays related to your application in advance. You won’t have to live in the dark for those who have hired immigration experts such as Legafit. We’ll update you about such delays from the Home Office of UKVI before hand.

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